The correct way to visit properties after this Corona lockdown!

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As the lockdown has gone, people are interested to buy properties at lower rates and are visiting properties in large numbers.

What will be the correct way to visit a property we are going to discuss some points here.

The discussion has been divided into two phases first is before visit and the second is during the visit.


1. Prior Appointment

Do not go to any projects without prior appointments because status may change of any property from a normal to a sealed tower/block/society/locality so better ask the status before starting your journey to the location.

2. Mask

Wear mask at all times.

3. Sanitizer

Take along a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently.

4. Water Bottle

Also take along a big water bottle with you to avoid drinking outside water which may be a prime source of infection.

5. Arogya Setu app

Download and install the Arogya Setu app and take a self assessment. Keep that mobile phone with you during the visit and show your status to the security personnel if they ask for it.

6. Full sleeve attire

Keep your body max covered to avoid any exposure to potential infection.

7. Dont use public transport

Avoid using public transport during this time as you may come in close contact with an infected person in public transport.

8. Dont take kids along (if possible)

Taking kids along with you may be risky during this pandemic so avoid that and leave them home if possible.

9. Eatables

Keep something to eat with you in case your visit gets time taking then you can keep your stomach filled and happy by these quick bites.


1. When you reach your destination, avoid sitting at the chairs and resting your hands at the table etc.

2. Refrain from their canteen items

Politely deny for their hospitality and don’t drink water, tea etc at their office canteen.

3. Digital literature

Ask for the cost sheet, price list, brochure or any other documents in digital form and don’t take along any paper brochure etc to your home.

4. Dont touch anything at sample flats

Avoid touching anything like door, window handles, walls, fittings etc in the sample apartment as they are touched by so many people ask the sales person to do that for you. If you want to check quality etc use gloves.

5. Go digital

If you are in the final stage of buying a house or property dont make payments through cheque or cash, do it digitally.

6. Digital receipts

Ask for the digital receipts and avoid paper receipts for the made payment.

You have some more ideas which can safeguard anyone who is planning to visit a property, write to us here or at our WhatsApp number 8920852289 we will feature your idea with your name at our website and in the community section of our YouTube channel.

Stay alert, stay safe!

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