3 bhk flat under 35 lakh

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Looking for a 3 BHK flat under 35 lakh and finding it difficult to find one?

Here we are giving you a simple solution you can buy 2 units of 1 bhk flat and merge them to make it a 3 bhk flat. In this way you will get ample space to play with without burning a hole in your pocket.

This is true in the case of larger units also and we have covered that combination also at our YouTube channel.

Depending upon the project plan, cluster plan of a particular tower and even the unit plan, you can merge units from areas like drawing hall, balconies, kitchen etc. The best results are seen in case of drawing hall merger.

3 bhk under 35 lakh

The 1 bhk merger features a project named Nilaya Greens which is almost ready to move in. The unit have 628 Sqft super area by merging it you get approx 1256 sqft of super area

As it has been merged from kitchen, the first unit’s drawing and dining area will be kept as it is for the use and the first bedroom too will be kept the same way. But in the 2nd unit there will be slight modifications like the wall between drawing/dining and the bedroom has been shifted towards the entrance to make the washroom attached to the bedroom to make it a master one. 

It is upto you to enjoy the benefits of dual entry to your unit or close the 2nd one permanently or make it non-existent by putting a wall in place of the entrance.

Though it will incur some modification charges, will require permission and a proper detailed and technical feasibility discussion with the builder or interior designer to make things go according to your need without any technical glitches.

So this way you will save a lot on money, get good customized space as per your needs and will live happily ever after! This can be the best solution to get a 3 bhk flat under 35 lakh!

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